Nomura Facing Center FB-70TR3

Nomura Facing Center Milling & Boring Machine

Model: FB-70TR3

A large diameter ball screw and grease lubricated spindle bearing achieve high precision.

Higher speeds and shorter processing times.

Software and chip conveyor provide enhanced operability.


Product Description

 Nomura Facing Center FB-70TR3

Model FB-70TR3
Face Plate Diameter 27.6″
Face Plate Slide Travel 7.9″
Max.Facing Diameter 39.4″
Face Plate Spees 4~350 rpm
Spindle Diameter 4.3″
Spindle Travel 19.7″
Spindle Speeds 15~1,500 rpm
Table Cross Traverse 78.7″
Headstrock Vertical Travel 51.2″
Table/Column Longitudinal Travel 55.1″
Table Size 55″ x 63″
Main Motor VAC 20/25HP
Controlled Axis 6


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