FAGOR Automation


  • Designed for parallel Lathes with optional C-axis and intended for on-machine operation, without the need for advanced programming knowledge.
  • Designed to suit the needs of slant bed lathes and large production lathes, offering the latest technology.
  • Designed to control high production turning centers, vertical lathes with inclined bed, parallel, double turret (TT), etc.


We offer following
CNC 8065elite T
CNC 8060elite T
CNC 8058elite T

Milling machines

  • Designed to provide solutions for machines with high speed and precision requirements: 5-axis machining centers with RTCP, gantry milling machines and boring machines, offering the latest technology.
  • Designed for high speed machining centers and precision mold making, offering the latest technology.
  • Designed for small-medium size milling machines and machining centers, for classic machining jobs, without requiring advanced programming knowledge.


We offer following
CNC 8065elite M
CNC 8060elite M
CNC 8058elite M


Solution based on the 8070elite-L CNC and the Quercus drive system, providing the best performance for 3D Laser cutting, Tube Laser and Laser Blanking requiring high speed, precision and interpolation of 5 or more axes.

Solution based on the 8060elite-L CNC capable of managing EtherCAT drive systems, providing good performance and optimum cost for Plasma, Flame Cutting, Waterjet and entry level Laser cutting machines.

We offer following:
CNC 8070elite L
CNC 8060elite L