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Fagor Automation Corporation is a world wide company based in Spain and is a part of the
diversified MCC group, comprising of over 103,731 employees with total sales of over 24 billion
dollars. Established in 1972, Fagor Automation manufactures CNC controls, Servo Drives and
Motors, Motion control systems, Digital Readouts, Linear & Rotary Feed back systems for the
manufacturing industry.

Fagor CNC systems as well as the servo drive systems, motors and accessories excel by their
friendly, simple and intuitive operation.

Characteristics Table:

CNC 8070 CNC 8055 CNC 8035
Axes 3 to 28 3 to 7 3
Spindle 1 to 4 1 to 2 1
Memory 4GB 512MB (2GB) 128 MB
LCD Monitor 15″ / 10.4″ 10.4″ 7.5″
Block Processing Time < 1 ms 9 ms (3 ms, 1 ms) 12 ms
Digital Servo Drives Sercos Sercos / CAN CAN
Ethernet Yes Yes No
Telediagnosis Yes Yes No
C Axis Yes Yes No
Fagor Inova Series DRO
Imagen 128

FAGOR Innova series DRO’s represent a
technological breakthrough in measuring and control
systems for machine tools offering high quality and
features at very competitive prices.

With tailored solutions

Innova series DRO’s offer a great deal of standard
features, some of which only FAGOR can offer and
they adapt to the specific requirements of each
application in order to obtain greater productivity from
milling machines, boring mills, lathes, grinders and
other applications.

FAGOR’s new 40i “TrueVision”

Following the feature looks of the Innova series,
FAGOR presents their new 40 i DRO with an
exclusive color TFT screen that displays
programming assistance and solid graphics making
it a lot easier to work on the various machines that
may be equipped with it.

Its great viewing angle from any point of view makes
this “TrueVision” the best on the market.

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