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Hankook America offers the complete range of machine tools manufactured by Hankook Machine Tools Co., Ltd. of Changwon-city, S. Korea. The CNC horizontal and vertical lathes are designed for the demanding cutting requirements of the oilfield, steel mill, power generation, and defense support industries. The rigid designs originated from a manufacturing collaboration with Dainichi Kinzoku Kogyo Co. Ltd. of Japan.

Workpiece capacities upward of 70 metric tons and standard lengths of up to 20 meters (65 feet) between centers are possible with these rigid and quality-built machine tools.

Hankook America Corp. was formed for importing the complete line of machine tools manufactured by Hankook Machine Tools Co., Ltd. for North and South America. Hankook Machine Tools Co., Ltd., a South Korean Corporation, was formed as a joint collaboration with Dainichi Kinzoku Kogyo Co. Ltd. of Japan and Hankook is now separately owned and managed. Based in West Chicago, IL (a Chicago suburb), we handle the sales, service, and parts for all Hankook Machine Tools.

Specializing in the large end of the machine tool spectrum enables us to focus on customers requiring large turning and machining support. As often is the case, these projects are demanding for you, our customers, and time can be critical in the planning and purchasing of what may be the most significant purchase for you company in a long time, or even ever!

Whether you are deciding to add a larger capacity machine or an additional machine, we can assist with your project by providing the correct information you will need for a successful outcome. From 12 inch thick chuck lathes up to machines with 70 metric ton (154,000 pound) part capacity; we can quote you the correct machine for the job.

Hankook by Amerigo Machinery Co

Vertical Turning LathesCNC Horizontal and Manual LathesCNC Bridge Mills

Hankook America supplies VTL’s from 21” chucks to 30 foot tables with milling and C-axis or with only turning. Parts up to 660,000 LBS can be machined accurately up to 13 feet high.

Hankook VTB/VTC Series offers tables from 40 inch up to 98”. These wrap-around column machines have full cast bases unlike the fabricated bases of our competitors which barely support the table of the machine. The rigidity of the Hankook VTL’s is able to handle the roughest cutting requirements.

The VTB/VTC Double Column machines start at 98 inch tables and go up to 30 feet diameter and can handle all the secondary machining usually requiring moving a part to another large machine. They are available with or without milling, C-axis, Angle Attachments, Y-axis, and optional extra height cross-rails for very high parts.

Machine Traverse Speed
VTB(C)-85R-100R 15m/min
VTC 110R 12m/min
VTB(C) 100-250
VTB(C) 2530E-5060E 6000mm Turning Capacity
VTC 3040F 4000mm Turning Capacity
VLB(C) 3070E-4080E 8000mm Turning Capacity
VTC Y Series
VTB 160FD 2000mm Turning Capacity


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Hankook America Corp. is your CNC Horizontal Lathe Supplier. From 12” chuck teach lathes up to 118” turning with 100 feet between centers and 150-ton part capacity.

The Protec N Series of “semi-CNC” or “teach” lathes are available up to 315” between centers and spindle bores from 4” up to 21.6” through holes with front and rear chuck options.

The Dynaturn Series offers wide bases with 3 bed-ways and up to 102 inch swing and 394 inches between centers.

The Dynaturn R and R-Series are lathes specially designed for steel roll turning and can be ordered with up to 118 inch turning capacity, 100 feet between centers, 150-ton roll weight, and available with various options including Grinding, Milling, and a unique Roll Loading System developed by Hankook which prevents spindle and tailstock damage when loading large rolls. These lathes are used by many of the largest Steel producers in the world.

Protec N Proturn Dynaturn Roll Lathes Hanturn Manual Lathes
Protec 5N Proturn 60 Dynaturn 1100-1700 R-Series (HD) Hanturn 75-130 Protec 9E
Protec 6/7N Proturn 90/100 Dynaturn (HD) 2200-2600 Dynaturn R Series Hanturn BB550 Protec 750
Protec 9N Dynaturn R Series HPL-900
Protec 11-13N Protec 10-11-13


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Portal Type Machining Center

  • One-piece casting structure of the bed, column and cross-rail provides stability, rigidity and accuracy
  • Vertical spindle head can be configured with optional attachments offering optimal machining for any application
  • Continuous multi-phase and sequential machining operations can be accomplished with Automatic Attachment Changer
  • Substantial and rigid square 380/500/600mm Ram and 1000/1500mm stroke Z-axis give flexibility for heavy duty machining
  • Hydrostatic guideway structure for X-axis to keep low friction, less wear, stable accuracy and smooth motion even at low speeds
  • Spindle cooling unit prevents heat problems and afford long continuous machining operation
  • Maximize the efficiency with Auto Tool Changer, Auto Pallet Changer, Auto Attachment Changer or other offered options
  • High speed spindle with built-in motor for PMH model

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