Kanetec has been at the forefront of magnetic tools and equipment since 1959.

Kanetec is synonymous with quality and accuracy worldwide. From the very beginning, we have adhered to the same basic principle and goals ….



Kanetec does more than manufacture magnetics. We research and develop solutions that make our products easy to use, efficient and reliable.

Kanetec stands behind each and every product with an unwavering commitment to quality Joe Greene Womens Jerseys and dependability. When you buy Kanetec, you receive the fruits of relentless persuit for perfection, from the most dedicated team in the business.



Keeping up with today’s exhilarating and demanding pace of technology, Kanetec gives you the most vital edge you nfl jackets wholesale need to outperform your competition – Productivity

Thriving on meeting new challenges, we have earned the reputation of being the leader in magentic toolings for just one reason – our innovative approach to real world problem solving.

From small magnetic dial indicator stands to gigantic magnetic chucks, Kanetec’s research and production teams have always delivered the right magnetics for each application.


Why Kanetec?

If you think all magnetic tools are created equal, think again!

Above and beyond manufacturing the best known magnetics in the world, Kanetec now offers so much more!

  • Magbores
  • Magnetic Separators
  • Magnetic Chip Conveyors
  • Lifting Magnets

The newest additions to the line, Magcleans, feature a Magnetic Coolant Chris Carson Jerseys Separator. When mounted to your grinding machine, the Magclean eliminates the grinding waste and other impurities from the coolant and keeps it clean at all times.

We have also expanded our Magnetic Bases, Tools, and Chuck lines with the latest technology and electronic controls. And, more than ever, we have aggressively nfl jackets for women priced our products so that we remain your No. 1 choice in wholesale nfl jackets from china industrial magnetics.

Kanetec Products