• Load While Machining:

Four spindles, generally partnered in pairs, are mounted in a square pattern in a large cylindrical carrier drum. When the carrier is indexed 180 degrees, two spindles/parts move from the loading zone to the machining zone. At the same time, the other two spindles/parts move from the machining zone to the loading zone. As two parts are being machined, two new parts are being loaded. This continuous indexing is similar to that of a pallet changer on a machining center, but can take as little as two seconds to complete, you could be back in the cut in only five seconds.
• Unique Four-Spindle, Four-Axes Flexibility:kitako

The spindles, slides, and turrets work independently and simultaneously for “operation matching” flexibility: AA/AA, AB/AB, AA/BB, A/B/C/D.
• Dependable, Close Tolerance Performance:

Spindle rigidity and positioning are ensured by the use of a large diameter, precision-toothed curvic coupling. The solid headstock, bed, and box shaped ways, over-sized ball-screws and servo motors, and robust turrets are all designed to perform heavy cutting with impressive chip removal rates.
• Ease of Loading:

Since the spindles in the loading zone are outside of the machine, there is unrestricted access, allowing for easy manual, robotic, or gantry loading.
• Small Floor Space Requirements:

In addition to saving time, Kitako’s small footprints are designed to make the most of your available floor space.


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