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L.K. Machinery

L.K.’s Outstanding Technological Background in Die Casting and Injection Molding Provides a Solid Foundation for Its Future Development L.K.’s comprehensive engineering R & D capabilities include special die casting , injection molding , automated control and material technology, etc. L.K. Group integrates various advanced technologies, such as real time control for die casting and injection molding , new material magnesium alloy die casting and low-pressure die casting technology. Such core technologies allow L.K. Group to remain competitive. Based on the core technology, constant innovation and engineering application, L.K. Group is able to achieve an all new overlapped R & D system that combines research, design and manufacturing. This exclusive R & D system provides a driving force for constantly upgrading L.K.’s technological level.L.K. is the fastest growing CNC machine manufacturer. Their CNC machines have belt and direct-drive spindles with speeds from 8,000 to 24,000 rpm

Compact Footprint Machines - TC Series
Integral Auto Pallet Changer - TT Series
Built-in Twin Screw Chip Conveyors - MT Series
Two Machines in One - TC Series
Operator Friendly Design - MV Series
Standard with Full 360,000 Positions: HT Series
5-Axis Fixed Table - Millmaster 3000 Series
High Speed Bridge Mill - EU-2000