Gildemeister MF Twin 42 Lathe

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CNC Turning Center with Twin opposing 42 mm capacity Spindles

Upper and Lower turrets with 12 live tool stations each

Breuning ILS-REX 20 foot Simag 42 mm capacity Bar Loader System

Breuning REX 7212 47” Length Capacity Bar Unloader System

EnPro Dust Collector

FireTrace Automatic Fire Suppression System

Chip Conveyor

Hydro-Tech Air Filtration System

Siemens Sinumerik Control Panel

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Gildemeister MF Twin 42 Lathe

Working Range

Diameter of max. circumference              9.449”

Turning diameter normal              7.874”

Spindle Spacing                 31.496”

Carriage 1 cross path      7.48”

Carriage 2 cross path      7.48”

Spindle 1 and 2 (left and right)

Chuck diameter                6.299”

Bar diameter max.           1.654”

Spindle nose diameter                  5.512”

Spindle hole diameter                   2.205”

Chucking tube internal diameter              1.732”

Diameter in front bearing             3.543”

Main Drive 1 and 2 (left and right)

Max. Drive Rating (40/100% duty cycle)                24.1/18.8 HP

Rotational speed range                 31-6300 RPM

Salient rotational speed                                1000 RPM

Max. Torque (40/100% duty cycle)         128/96 ft-lbf

C axis rotational speed                  250 RPM

C axis torque                      89 ft-lbf

C axis part accuracy         0,025 degrees

Carriage 1 Without Y Axis (top)

Rapid traverse speed (X/Y)                          65.62/98.43 ft/min

Feed force (X/Y)                               900/1575 lbf

Path resolution (X/Y)                      40 µin

Spindle thread pitch diameter (X/Y)        (.472”x1.102”/.591”x1.26”)

Carriage 2 (bottom)

Rapid Traverse Speed (X/Y)         65.62/98.45 ft/min

Feed Force (X/Y)                              900/1575 lbf

Path Resolution (X/Y)                     .00004”

Spindle thread pitch diameter (X/Y)        (.472”x1.102”/.591”x1.26”)

Carriage 3 (spindle 2)

Rapid Traverse speed                   98.43 ft/min

Feed force          1575 lbf

Path Resolution                                .00004”

Spindle thread pitch x diameter                                .591”x1.26”

Tool Holder 1 and 2

Number of Tools              2×12

Shaft diameter                  .8”

Number of driven tool stations                  2×12

Max. Rating (40/100% duty cycle)             6.7 HP

Max. Torque (40/100% duty cycle)           11.8 ft-lbf

Rotational speed range                 40-4000 RPM


Content                               6.61 gal

Pump rating                       2.95 HP

Max. Pressure                   1176 psi

Pressure for clamping device      1176 psi

Coolant Unit

Content                               53 gal

Pump Rating                      2.21 HP

Feed rate at 6 bar            13.21 gal/min

Dimensions and Weight

Total length including switch cabinet       187.795”

Total depth including switch cabinet        87.4”

Total height including switch cabinet       76.772”

Weight including switch cabinet                14,333 lb

Bar Feeder

Breuning ILS-REX 70.1 PR

Volt        400

Motor Power     2.68 HP

Loading Area Dimensions (LxW)                                127.95”x19.6”

Total Dimensions (LxWxH)                           24’4”x44”x58.5”

Includes axial slide, end piece ejection to the rear and positioning without limit stop


Breuning REX 7212

Volt        400

Motor Power     1.34 HP

Max. Workpiece Length                +47.244”

Total Dimensions (LxWxH)           127”x60”56.5”

Included Parts

Collets for 11.55mm, 11.65mm, 12mm for bar feeder

Channel Guides for 12mm

Collets and Channel Guides for 30mm