Suburban Tool MV-14 Optical Comparator w/base stand

Suburban Tool MV-14 Optical Comparator

  • Surface illumination through duplex fiber optics.
  • Digital vernier calipers on X and Z axes provide readings to .0005″.
  • SPC output from scales that is compatible with most SPC systems.
  • High capacity 4″ x 8″ travel stage with 4.5 x 19″ work surface.
  • Ball way construction handles loads to 100 lbs.
  • Heavy-duty monorail type welded steel frame.
  • 3-position shutter switch selects profile, surface, or combination surface and profile illumination modes.
  • 10X lens system.
  • Rotary frosted glass screen with 90° crosslines and 360° protractor rim.
  • Vernier readings to 5 min of arc.
  • Overlay chart clips.
  • 115 VAC, 2.5 amps
  • Light Source Type FDV, 2 Volt, 1500 Watt, tungsten-halogen
  • Operation Manual
  • Suburban Cabinet base – MV-14-BASE



Suburban Tool MV-14 Optical Comparator

w/Base Stand

10X Lense System

Suface Illumination

115VAC, (plugs into wall)

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