Electro Arc Tap Disintegrator

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Model: 2SE

S/N: 2934

FEATURES: Salvage parts without damage in minutes

Disintegrates broken screws, fasteners, bolts and taps without any heat distortion or thread damage

Single crossarm provides rigidity, making positioning easy 16” (406 mm) of work space between spindle and table

Coolant returns and T-slots

Tooling storage drawer

Product can be seen under power in our Downtown Louisville, KY warehouse

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Electro Arc Tap Disintegrator

OPERATING HEAD- ARC*ER Head, Model: LBH S/N: 9234. Provides 9″ (229 mm) of rack and pinion travel. Built-in LED current monitoring indicator color-coded to assist operator feed control. Operates at any angle. Can be rotated 360 degrees around the crossarm axis. Feed scale graduated in 1/16″ (1 mm) increments. Manual Feed.

SUPERSTRUCTURE- Column: hard chrome plated, 23/4″ (70 mm) diameter x 36″ (914 mm) high for a maximum working height of 16” (406 mm) from spindle tip to table and 50” (1270 mm) to the floor.

Radial Crossarm: hard chrome plated, 21/4” (57 mm) diameter x 15” (381 mm). Easy movement in, out and a full 360 degrees around the crossarm axis. Crossarm swings a full 360 degrees around the column. Separate manual locks for height and rotation.

BASE- Heavy reinforced frame construction. Ground, cast iron work top with five 1/2″ (12.7 mm) “T” slots. Work table dimensions are 17.5” x 16”. Coolant spill trough and drain. Recessed control panel with oil-tight lighted push buttons, low coolant level indicator light, external fuses, and master stop push-pull switch. Supported by four heavy-duty ball bearing casters. Convenient storage drawer for electrodes and collets.

POWER SUPPLY- Voltage: 440, 60 Hz, 13 Amps

COOLANT SYSTEM- 7.4 gal. (28 l) pull out coolant tank. Wire mesh cartridge filter intake. Pump 2 GPM, 90 PSI, 1/3 HP motor, single phase, 120 volt. Power coolant cable (conducts both liquid coolant and low-voltage current): 71/2 ft. (2.3 m).

DIMENSIONS- Approximate net weight: 400 lb. Height: 6’ x Width: 21” x Length: 24”