Victor 1800DCL Digital Control Lathe

Fanuc 20i-TB ultra-compact CNC integrated with 8.5″ LCD display and 44-key keypad

Multiple Machine Functions

  • Manual Handwheel Operation
  • Machining Guidance Operation
  • Teach-in / Playback CNC Operation
  • Automatic CNC G-Code Operation



  • 18.1″ swing over bed, 9.4″ swing over cross-slide
  • 2.05″ diameter hole through spindle
  • 39.4″or 59.8″ distance between centers
  • 10.5″ X-axis cross-slide travel with front doors opened
  • Main casting pieces are by massive Meehanite castings for superior dampening and rigidity
  • Headstock gears are made from chromium molybdenum steel (SCM21), hardened by carbonization, and precisely ground to provide smooth and quiet running
  • Forced lubrication of headstock gears
  • Spindle is supported by three precision bearings to insure accuracy and rigidity during heavy cutting (Suitable for large diameter work-pieces)
  • Ribbed bed constructed from an annealed processed casting insures no deformation occurs on the slideways
  • Hardened and ground bed ways
  • Saddle is coated with TURCITE-B to provide wear resistance
  • Rigid construction of the tailstock is able to withstand heavy drilling and cutting
  • Automatic force type lubrication system to all sliding surfaces & ballscrews
  • Hardware overtravel limit switch for all travel directions
  • Tailstock overtravel limit switch to avoid unexpected crashes
  • Complete FANUC System with Fanuc AC Brushless Servo Motors & Drives
  • Triple electronic handwheels for manual and automatic turning operations
  • LCD color display / Keypad mounted swivel arm for easy access and viewing
  • Dual left & right front sliding door to protect operator from chips and coolant
  • Control panel conveniently mounted on apron for easy access with doors closed
  • Vector control spindle drive – Excellent torque characteristic at all spindle speeds
  • Heavy duty, manual tailstock with Inch/Metric graduations
  • Tailstock taper: MT #4; Quill diameter: 2.5″; Quill Travel: 5.91″
  • 10 HP Spindle Motor

Machine Specifications

  1. Feed rates: 0.01 ~ 200.0 in/min variable by program input
  2. Rapid traverse: X-axis = 200 in/min, Z-axis = 300 in/min
  3. Spindle speeds (Variable and programmable through 4 manual ranges):
  • Range 1  =  50 ~ 130 RPM
  • Range 2  =  131 ~ 340 RPM
  • Range 3  =  341 ~ 960 RPM
  • Range 4  =  961 ~ 2,500 RPM
  1. Automatic spindle jog during gear changes makes gear shifts easy
  2. Spindle Nose: D1-6 camlock
  3. Aloris Super-Precision Quick-Change Tool Post (CA Series)
  4. Standard Tool size 1″ x 1″ square shank
  5. Safety interlock switch to prevent unexpected spindle movement (Chuck or Door)
  6. Fluorescent work light – Fully integrated to allow for CNC control of on/off function
  • Coolant System – Fully integrated to allow for CNC control of on/off function
  • Removable frontal chip pan under bed
  • Set of leveling pads, screws, and nuts
  • Set of wrenches for operating machine and Operating and Machine Guidance manuals
  • Floor area: 1840DCL: 98″ x 78″  /  1860DCL: 118″ x 78″
  • Net weight: 1840DCL: 5,280 lbs.  /  1860DCL: 6,300 lbs.

Control Specifications

  • Fanuc 20i-TB ultra-compact CNC integrated with 8.5″ LCD display and 44-key keypad
  • High quality engineering at FANUC ensures reliable technology and performance
  • Fiber Optical Fanuc Digital Servo Amplifiers immune to interference from electrical noise
  • Fanuc AC Digital Servo System with high resolution absolute encoders
  • Compact Flash memory slot for program & data storage (Requires optional PC Card adapter)
  • 2-axis (X & Z) digital readout screen
  • Simultaneous 2-axis linear and circular interpolation
  • Manual operation via handwheels
  • Machining guidance operation via handwheels
  • Teach-in / Playback operation: manually run 1st part, then Playback for automatic operation
  • Automatic Generation of G-code from Geometry data during teach-in operation
  • Full CNC G-code, M-code, T-code, and S-code Functions
  • Simultaneous multiple M-code processing (Up to 3 M-codes)
  • Custom Macro B Programming Language for G-code programming (optional)
  • Real time tool path line graphics (Optional 3D solid model tool path graphics available)
  • 6 CNC Operation Modes: MEM, EDIT, MDI, Mchn Gdnce, Man/Hndwl, Ref Return
  • 6 Auxiliary CNC Modes: M-code Teach Off, Dry Run, Single Block, Optional Blk Skip, M01 Stop, and Manual Hand wheel Interrupt
  • Manual Interrupt of automatic operations: Handwheel Interrupt and Spindle Interrupt
  • Constant Surface Speed (CSS) control for manual and automatic operations (Standard)
  • Conversational graphics programming
  • Diameter / Radius programming
  • Absolute and incremental programming
  • Inch / Metric input and display
  • On-line calculator function to aid in data input
  • On screen tool path graphics to verify part program
  • Taper, Chamfer, Radius, Roughing, Grooving, & Drilling in Manual and Automatic modes
  • Inch/Metric threading; Straight, Taper, and Multi-lead threading
  • X-Area Minus Area Cutting Function (Cutting from backside of part)
  • User programmable “Software Travel limits” to limit the travel for X & Z axes
  • Intelligent hardware travel limits – only stops movement in the over-travel direction
  • Inch / Metric feed rate input: inch/rev and inch/min or mm/rev and mm/min
  • Gear indicator lights on status panel
  • Auto spindle jog during gear changes
  • Spindle load meter: 0% – 180% of rated load
  • Lock switch for disabling parameter and program modification
  • Conveniently mounted machine controls on apron – E-Stop, Playback, Start, Stop
  • Controls on apron: work lamp, coolant, and CSS on/off
  • Spindle control on apron: forward, reverse, stop, and speed dial
  • Auto/Jog feedrate override: 0% to 200%
  • User selectable Jog / Feedrate override profiles: Linear or Exponential
  • Spindle override: 50% to 150%
  • Rapid Traverse override: 12.5%, 25%, 50%, & 100%
  • Incremental / continuous jog for X & Z axes
  • Intelligent Bi-directional home search for X & Z axes
  • Triple electronic handwheels for manual and automatic turning operations (Simultaneously)
  • Multiplier switch for handwheel sensitivity: 0.0001″, 0.001″, & 0.01″
  • CNC RUN VERIFY” by Joystick or handwheel for all automatic operations
  • Easy one touch X-Z Part Coordinate System setting
  • Full CNC control of coolant on-off functions via M-codes
  • Full CNC control of work light on-off functions via M-codes
  • CNC M-Code Controlled Power Contactors for controlling various accessories (Optional)
  • Three coordinate systems: Machine, Absolute, & Relative
  • Program storage 63-part program storage, 80 meters of paper tape (262 feet)
  • Backlash error compensation
  • Ballscrew pitch error compensation (from Laser Calibration Data)
  • Built-in RS-232 port for loading/unloading of part programs and other CNC data
  • 16 Tool Geometry and 16 Tool Wear offsets with tool nose radius compensation
  • Self diagnostics with error messages on screen

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