About Our Company

The Amerigo Machinery Co. History

Keeping It Simple Since 1991

In 1991, Amerigo Machinery Co. was established and incorporated after receiving a US Patent for a device that secures lathe jaws. Today, we have positioned ourselves as a manufacturer’s representative for various products used in the manufacturing industries.


We take great pride in representing esteemed manufacturers of machine tools, accessories, and specialty niche machines. Additionally, we actively engage in buying and selling pre-owned manufacturing equipment of all types. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, let us know, and we’ll do our best to help you. We have a vast selection of machine tools and related equipment available that may not be listed on our website. We also offer rebuilding, reconditioning, retro-fitting, and re-application services for existing machine tools.


Our services extend beyond buying and selling equipment. We offer industrial equipment valuations, appraisals, consignments, liquidations, and full life-cycle management, including repairing, rebuilding, control retrofits and upgrades, integration, moving, storage, demonstrations, training, disposal, and removal of all equipment.


Our warehouse, located in Louisville, KY, houses a vast inventory of manufacturing equipment and accessories that are under power and ready for inspection.

Why Amerigo Machinery Co.?

As Kentucky’s premier machine tool dealer, we offer a comprehensive range of milling, turning, grinding, and sawing solutions, including vertical, horizontal, multi-axis, CNC and more.

As the premier machine tool dealer in Kentucky, we are proud to offer a wide range of solutions for milling,  turning, and grinding, as well as tooling solutions to support these processes.


Our chip-cutting solutions include vertical, horizontal, and multi-axis machining centers, knee and bed-type milling machines, horizontal, vertical, live tool and multi-spindle lathes, surface, cylindrical, and rotary-type grinding machines, and vertical and horizontal saw-cutting machines! All of these machines are perfect for a variety of applications, including automotive, mold and die, oil and gas, medical device, aerospace, fabrication, and piece parts manufacturing.


Our team specializes in helping customers select the right solutions to optimize their manufacturing processes and improve their productivity.


At Amerigo Machinery Co. we understand that investing in manufacturing solutions and tooling is a significant decision. That’s why we offer expert guidance and custom solutions to help customers make informed decisions. Our team can help your business find the right solutions to meet your unique requirements, whether it’s a milling machine, a turning center, a grinding machine, or a sawing application,  we have the machine!


Contact us today to learn more about our solutions for your manufacturing process!  We are dedicated to helping businesses succeed by providing the best possible solutions and support.

Meet Amerigo Machinery Co.’s Glen Goins

Glen’s decades of experience in full life cycle management, machine rebuilding and retrofitting, integration, and application engineering make him an excellent go-to person for all your job shop needs. Glen covers Kentucky and its surrounding areas.


Amerigo Machinery Co.’s commitment to its customers goes beyond mere product sales, as the company prides itself on offering tailored solutions that cater to the unique application needs of each customer. In contrast to the traditional approach of pushing products onto customers, Amerigo Machinery takes a consultative approach, taking the time to thoroughly understand the customer’s requirements before recommending the most suitable machinery or equipment.


Our team of experts, equipped with a comprehensive understanding of industrial machinery, provides valuable insights and recommendations to ensure customers make informed decisions. The company’s dedication to our customers extends beyond the point of sale, as they offer ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that equipment performs efficiently and remains in good condition over time.