Kent USA Grinders

Kent USA grinders are well-proven and trusted globally, with long-lasting, dependable precision and performance coupled with best-in-class customer support since 1979. With over 40 years of industry experience and over 22,000 sets sold worldwide, Kent USA surface grinders are the proven solution to your grinding needs.

We offer the following:
Kent USA Manual Hand Feed Grinders

Kent USA Automatic Feed Grinders
Kent USA Double Column Design Grinders
Kent USA Centerless Grinders
Kent USA Cylindrical Grinders
Kent USA Knife Grinders
Kent USA Tool & Cutter Grinders
Kent USA Rotary Grinders

Kent USA Lathes

Kent USA metal lathes have the features you want with the precision and reliability you can depend on for all your turning needs. Our RML and ML-series metalworking lathes come with a full solid cast iron machine base for maximum rigidity, plus a front pull-out chip tray for easy maintenance. ML-series lathes have 3” spindle bore, 2-speed tail stock, and 3-position longitudinal feed stops – it’s the ideal lathe for the demanding workshop. For smaller turning needs, look to our TRL-series lathes. Its small size combined with a full universal gearbox means the full range of inch and metric threads can be set by just the levers, eliminating the need and hassle of change gears. This model is a favorite with small tool rooms and many technical schools. All of our lathes are backed by our 15-month warranty.

We offer the following:

Kent USA Manual Economy Lathes
Kent USA Manual Precision Lathes
Kent USA Manual Big Bore Lathes

Kent USA CNC Economy Lathes
Kent USA CNC Precision Lathes

Kent USA Milling Machines

Kent USA mills are setting new standards in both features and performance. Our variable frequency drive mill is the highest performing mill in its class. These VFD mills run on 3-phase or 1-phase power without modification. Use it in the professional shop or home garage. No phase converter is required for single phase power. Large digital spindle RPM display and real time spindle load meter make using the mill easy and precise. With power to go from 0-4500 rpm in under 3 seconds, our milling machines can take your productivity to the next level.

We offer the following: 
Kent USA Manual Knee Mills
Kent USA CNC Knee Mills
Kent USA CNC Bed Mills and Machining Centers
Kent USA Combination Horizontal and Vertical Mills
Kent USA Universal Mills
Kent USA Horizontal Boring Mills

Kent USA EDMs (Electric Discharge Machines)

Kent USA electrical discharge machines (EDMs) offer you the speed and accuracy to machine your parts successfully. Our Programmable Z-NC EDM’s give you the control to burn with confidence and precision. CNC wire-cut EDM with flushing or submerged capability and AC power supply for minimal electrolytic degradation of the workpiece allows you to cut faster and produce better results. Kent USA offers a wide range of sinker type, wire cut flushing type, and wire cut submerge type EDMs. All Kent USA EDMs are backed by our 15-month warranty.

We offer the following:
Kent USA Sinker Type EDM
Kent USA Wire Cut Flushing Type EDM
Kent USA Wire Cut Submerge Type EDM

Kent USA Radial Arm Drills

Kent USA provides a full range of premium quality radial arm drills. Our radial arm drills are made only with high class cast iron under heat treatment and grinding. The columns, arms, and gear boxes can be set to be mutually independent or synchronous with clamping. In addition, our radial arm drills are also equipped with friction type disc clutch to absorb impact force caused by the vertical movement of the spindle to protect the transmission inside the box. As a safety feature, our radial arm drills are equipped with a special arm elevating mechanism, not found in most competitor machines, to prevent the arm from abruptly falling after several years of heavy usage.

We offer the following:
Kent USA Radial Arm Drills

Kent USA Bandsaws

Bandsaws are a must have for metalworking facilities. Kent USA provides a wide range of bandsaws for both job shops and production facilities. All Kent USA bandsaws are made with full cast iron body with sheet metal base for maximum stability and durability. Most of our bandsaws are equipped with hydraulic blade tension device. We also offer hydraulic vise and conveyor belt options for more comprehensive turnkey production solution. Kent USA bandsaws come in horizontal, vertical, H/V, and miter cutting to suit just about every need.

We offer the following:
Kent USA Compact Bandsaws
Kent USA Production Bandsaws